Get to Know Me !

The Magda Cadeireiro Makeup Artist experience

Hello you!

My name is Magda, I am very excited to have you here! 

I have been in love with Makeup since I turned 16!

Between 2010 and 2012, I learned from others on YouTube and bought new things to add to my "makeup collection" every time I visited my family in England. 

I learned what I could, I selected the right teachers that I found at the time (@gossmakeupartist and @lisaeldridgemakeup.) I took note of the important things such as shades, undertones, and sanitization, not JUST the trends. Not only that, but I am so thankful for the real information they provided me, as it only made my passion grow.

 I was self-taught for most of my journey, and started doing makeup in 2016 occasionally for family members. Finally, I dared to start a YouTube channel, so I could share my skills.

 (FUN FACT, you can still find my channel.)

I still can't believe that in March 2022, I decided to take the ultimate challenge. I founded Magda Cadeireiro Makeup Artist, and started doing something that I have been dreaming of since 2012, but never thought I was good enough to accomplish. It took me 10 years to find the right mentor and course, that would give me the confidence to pursue it and the power to say "I am a Professional Makeup Artist"!

I became a qualified Makeup Artist in 2022. 

Within this year, I had to step out of my comfort zone and work with real models and clients. I felt so much anxiety taking over me and sometimes wanted to cancel right before the appointment because I was too scared of not being able to bring their vision to life. I wanted to make them feel comfortable and empowered by the final look.

Furthermore, I booked my first bride one month after being "open for business", and soon started having clients every so often. 8 months later, I felt confident enough to apply for the HBA Awards. 

I couldn't believe it! I was selected finalist and nominated DISTRICT TOP 10 & REGIONAL 13th and 17th for Bridal and Makeup Artistry by The UK Hair and Beauty Awards (HBA) and after 11 months, I am a finalist in 4 categories for Makeup, Mobile Business, Contribution to the Community & Service Excellence Awards by Lincolnshire Health and Beauty Excellence Awards (LHBEA)!

Did you know that, if you would like to know how to enhance your natural beauty and understand why some colours or shades don't agree with you as much as you would like... I can teach you in my 1-2-1 workshops or small groups.

I believe that Makeup is POWER, and Makeup is SELF-LOVE. So, what's stopping you from becoming your POWERFUL SELF?

How am I so lucky? I can't believe all of it. I am so happy and grateful for all the opportunities and achievements. To all of my friends who supported me through modelling, and my family for being so encouraging. And of course all of my clients who trusted me ♥️

Thank you so much,