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Makeup lessons are perfect for beginners just starting out, and for anyone comfortable in the area but that would like to learn more about colourimetry as well as best practices for their face shape and skin tone. An amazing way to learn some new tricks and tips to add to your belt. 

We will cover EVERYTHING you will ever need to know.

Learning a look of your choice, I will show you how to create a bespoke makeup look that suits you to a tee. This makeup lesson will be performed on your own face but with my guidance throughout. When in groups, a Model* may be required, if this is of your choice, you can bring a Model with you or I will invite one, in this case, please add ''Model'' to the booking.

Learn how to use and apply your makeup like a pro during the 3 hours assigned to this course. 

 (Disclaimer: The course might finish earlier, depending on how advanced you are, how well you pick up all the information, and how many questions you might have as well).
Items required: 
  •  Your own makeup products (so I can teach your how to use them properly, in the correct order, and how to modify them if needed); 
  • Your own makeup tools (brushes and sponges, etc);
  • Your own skincare products (you will learn how to identify if the products are for your skin type and the correct order to apply them);
  • Any questions you might have :)

- BRING A FRIEND OFFER, each gets £5 off of your makeup appointment! -

Additional information:

*Model for Makeup Sessions £50

**Lashes are complimentary to all services

Travel (All events):

15 miles round trip included – 0.60p per mile over

Parking must be added to the fee

Hotel/Lodging Fee:

If the location is 2+ hours away (one way) and the start time is before 9 am, hotel accommodation is required. 

This will be added to the total balance after the hotel is booked.

Booking Policy:

Masterclasses – Non refundable Booking fee required

Disclaimer: I do not hold dates and cannot reserve them based on past conversations alone.